Textbook of Bryophyta, 2nd/Ed. (PB)

ISBN: 9789393168801

Edition: 2nd Edition

Author : O. P. Sharma

Year: 2024

Pages: 412

Size: 24*18*2

Publisher Name: MedTech Science Press

Rs. 0.00
Rs. 795.00

The TEXTBOOK OF BRYOPHYTA, aims to provide an insight into the fundamental and basic concepts of bryology in a simple and easily understandable manner but also exposes the readers to the complexities of the fascinating world of these land-inhabiting plants. It is based on the globally­-most-accepted system of classification of bryophytes.


Salient Features :


●              Complete coverage of general aspects of all groups of Bryophyta

                ♦  Hepaticopsida   ♦  Anthoceropsida ♦  Bryopsida


●              Detailed life-histories of

                ♦  13 liverworts (e.g. Riccia, Marchantia)

                ♦  2 hornworts (e.g. Anthoceros)

                ♦  8 mosses (e.g. Funaria, Sphagnum, Polytrichum)


●              Specific life-history details of over a dozen bryophytes

                ♦  Takakia             ♦  Calobryum        ♦  Haplomitrium   ♦  Frullania

                ♦  Riccardia           ♦  Fossombronia   ♦  Sphaerocarpos ♦  Riella

                ♦  Monoclea           ♦  Notothylas         ♦  Buxbaumia       ♦  Tetraphis


●              Exhaustive chapterwise coverage of dozens of general topics in bryology


●              Six independent chapters on new and modern topics in bryology

                ♦  Sexuality                            ♦  Phylogeny          ♦   Chemical Constituents

                ♦  Indicators of pollution     ♦  Conduction       ♦  Biologically active compounds


●              Four application-based chapters

                ♦   Economic  importance    ♦  Morphogenesis

                ♦  Cytogenetics                      ♦  Role in carbon and nitrogen cycling


●              Profusely-illustrated with more than 200 well-labelled diagrams


●              Answers of more than 500 short-answer chapter-end questions


●              18 comparative Tables spread across the text


●              Glossary of over 230 bryological terms

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