Agricultural Sciences At a Glance (Paperback)

ISBN: 9789387465749

Author : Dr. Ashutosh Singh, Dr. Usha, Dr. Amit Kumar Jain, Dr. Susheel Kumar Singh, Dr. Anshuman Singh

Year: 2018

Pages: 144

Size: 6X9

Rs. 0.00
Rs. 195.00

History of agriculture begins with the history of evolution of mankind. Agriculture is an integral part of any ancient civilization as known today. In these thousands years, agriculture has evolved from routine practice to an advance science and technology. This led to the foundation of agriculture education system in the world. In this book we have presented 5 units related to ‘Agricultural Sciences, which covers all subjects of the agricultural sciences including general studies and memory based questions asked in several competitive examinations.

UNIT–I, Plant sciences comprised of Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology, Botany and Genetics, Plant Breeding, Seed Technology,  Plant Biotechnology and plant molecular biology with more than 800 questions. UNIT–II, Agricultural Sciences, Crop Production & Related Problems, covers Agronomy & Crop Production, Fruit, Vegetables Science & Floriculture, Major Insects, Pests and Diseases of Crops, Fruits, Vegetables Science and Soil Science with near about 1100 questions. In case of UNIT–III, that is comprises of General Agriculture & Importance of Agriculture in National Economy covers almost thins of about Ministry of Agriculture, ICAR,  Relation Institutions and Agricultural Universities, National Economy, Agricultural Economics & Extension, General Agriculture & General Science, Agricultural Statistics and Animal Science with more than 600 questions. Whereas

UNIT–IV and UNIT–V, general studies and botanical name of the various plants respectively with more than 600 questions.

So, we can happy to share the readers, this book covers all the subjects of agricultural sciences and each question is in a single lines according to the name of book “ Agricultural Sciences at a Glance”

I hope that this book entitled “agricultural sciences at a glance” would be helpful the students for various competitive examinations like Entrance examination, NET, JRF, SRF, SSC, Banking services and Civil Services related to agricultural sciences.


Unit I. Plant Science

Plant Biochemistry

Plant Physiology

Cell Biology

Botany and Genetics

Plant Breeding

Seed Technology and Plant Biotechnology

Unit II.  Agricultural Sciences, Crop Production & Related Problems

Agronomy & Crop Production 

Fruit, Vegetables Science & Floriculture

Major Insects, Pests and diseases of Crops, Fruits, Vegetables Science and Soil Science

Unit III. General Agriculture & Importance of Agriculture in National Economy

A bout Ministry of Agriculture


Relation Institutions and Agricultural Universities

National Economy, Agricultual Economics & Extension 

General Agriculture & General Science

Agricultural Statistics and Animal Science

Unit IV. General Studies

Indian Polity



National Economy

Genral Knowledge and Current Affairs Related to Agricultural Sciences

Unit V. Scientific / Botanical Names

Ceral Crops, Pulses & Beans

Oil Yielding Crops 

Fruits & Dry fruits

Vegetables, Spices & Medicinal Plants

Ornamental, Medicinal and Wild Trees/Plants


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