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Scientific  International Pvt. Ltd., established in 1993, is located at 4222/1, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi – 110002 in a spacious showroom of 33,000 sq. fts to display a wide range of books in Sciences, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, published in USA and Europe. These books are published by the leading publishers in the U.S.A and the Europe.

Scientific International imports what best is available and can offer the books at the most competitive prices.

Scientific International’s activities encompass publication and distribution of books. Books are published by its associate companies—books in sciences, medical sciences, engineering and technology as well as humanities under the imprint of MedTech and Children’s Books under the imprint of Read Smart.

Scientific International’s growing list of customers is from South Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East, East Asia and Africa. They have relied on Scientific International’s prompt services and reasonable prices.

Scientific International looks forward to the purchase of Rights for overseas publications for the purpose of translation in the English language, co-authorship, adaptation, and undertakes co-publication.



MedTech is a rapidly growing academic publisher with a wide range of academic disciplines. Scientific International publishes books under the imprint of MedTech. These books are written by eminent authors from India and from around the world with enviable track record in respect of their academic excellence as well as pedagogical approach.

MedTech is a leading publisher, publishes high quality books in all scientific fields including but not limited to Life Sciences, Food Sciences, Biological Sciences, Animal Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Dentistry, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Veterinary Sciences etc. All the books are suitably edited by the dedicated team of editors and are produced as per international standards.

Our mission is to develop the highest quality of knowledge-based products and services for the academics, scientific, professionals, researchers and student communities worldwide. We are based in Delhi and have branches in all major metropolitan cities of India. We have a growing list of customers which includes wholesalers, retailers, institutions and library suppliers from South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and a part of Oceania. Over the years, we have built a very strong domestic and international presence.

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