Genetics, 4/e (PB)

ISBN: 9789393168078

Edition: 4th Edition

Author : B. D. Singh

Year: 2023

Size: 25*18*2

Publisher Name: MedTech Science Press

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Rs. 795.00

The book ‘Genetics’ is designed for the graduate students of Biotechnology, Botany, Life Sciences, Zoology, and Agriculture who have a paper in genetics. The book covers the different aspects of genetics in in 44 chapters; at the end of the book, a glossary of relevant terms and several appendices with useful information have been provided. The book traces the discoveries that culminated in the elucidation of inheritance of various characters of the organisms, discusses the salient features of cell division and its regulation, describes the discoveries of genetic material and the mechanisms of gene expression and regulation. In addition, the relevance of human genetics to human health, the behaviour of genes in random mating populations and the events leading to speciation have also been discussed. The book has been written in simple language in a style I followed for teaching to my students. The concepts have been explained with the help of suitable diagrams and every effort has been made to maintain readability and facilitate easy comprehension. It is expected to serve as the basic reading resource for the students of genetics and would be helpful in various competitive examinations.


1.           History of Genetics                                                                                                      1 – 9

2.           Cell Ultrastructure                                                                                                    10 – 22

3.           Chromosomes                                                                                                          23 – 41

4.           Cell Division                                                                                                           42 – 56

5.           Regulation of Cell Cycle                                                                                           57 – 68

6.           Structural Chromosomal Aberrations                                                                         69 – 83

7.           Numerical Chromosomal Aberrations                                                                         84 – 99

8.           Probability and Chi-Square Test                                                                             100 – 108

9.           Laws of Mendel I. Law of Segregation                                                                     109 – 119

10.        Laws of Mendel II. Law of Independent Assortment                                                   120 – 129

11.        Physical Basis of Heredity (Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance)                                130 – 133

12.        Gene Symbols, Dominance and Lethal Gene Action                                                  134 – 140

13.        Gene Interaction                                                                                                   141 – 151

14.        Inheritance of Quantitative Characters                                                                     152 – 161

15.        Effect of the Environment on Phenotype Development                                             162 – 171

16.        Linkage in Higher Organisms                                                                                 172 – 190

17.        Recombination in Fungi and Bacteria                                                                      191 – 206

18.        Molecular Mechanism of Recombination                                                                 207 – 227

19.        Sex Determination in Animals                                                                               228 – 237

20.        Sex Determination in Plants                                                                                   238 – 246

21.        Sex Linkage                                                                                                         247 – 252

22.        Multiple Alleles                                                                                                    253 – 265

23.        Mutation                                                                                                              266 – 290

Cytoplasmic Inheritance

About the author

Brahma Deo Singh served as Emeritus Professor at School of Biotechnology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, India and Master’s degree in Agricultural Botany from Govt. Agricultural College, Kanpur, India with first position in the university, and was awarded the University Gold Medal. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Prof. Singh has 40 years of teaching and research experience in genetics, plant breeding and plant biotechnology with research interests in genetics and breeding of pulse crops, plant tissue culture, biological nitrogen fixation, and molecular markers. He has published over 160 research papers in reputed journals and authored several books in genetics, plant breeding and biotechnology. He was awarded the First Prize of the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puraskar in 1987 and 1990 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi for the books Padap Prajanan and Anuvanshiki, respectively.



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